Nazli Hariri is a London based jewellery designer and gemologist born in Iran.She started her jewellery business in Iran when she was just 22 years old.Her passion for jewellery started from teenage years, when she was inspired by Loulou de la Falais and Betty Catroux.After obtaining her degree in psychology, she followed her passion for art and design.She aquired a GIA certificate from (Gemological Institute of America ) and then completed her history of art course at Christie's, which had a massive influence on her jewellery designs.

Nazli established a very successful business and then took a brief hiatus when her son was born.Since launching her jewellery line years ago her use of precious and colourful materials make her unique pieces, which have gained her many clients in Iran.Her designs are highly distinctive, taking inspiration from nature and world cultures. Her jewellery embodies a sensual elegance, that appeals to sophisticated and elegant women and gives them individuality ,while adding an unique twist to any outfit.

One of Nazli's key inspirations can be traced to her grandfather, who was an antique and jewellery collector.However, his collection was seized in the Islamic revolution of 1975 along with many more of her family assets.Her grandfather's passion for antique jewellery and art had a major influence on Nazli from a young age.This has undoubtedly her artistic flair.